Product Detail
Aluminum foil tape with film
Product Detail

Features & Usage

Aluminum foil tape with film is supper soft and easy tear.

With aluminum foil as the base material, the back of the base material is coated with a layer of BOPP film and special release agent.

The glue is specially designed for different planeness of panels.

No matter which kind of panel, this adhesive tape can perfectly fit it.

Product parameters

Item No.F10

Film、Aluminum foil、Water based acrylic adhesive

Backing Thickness(mm)0.01 (10Mic)0.013 (13Mic)0.013 (13Mic)0.022 (22Mic)0.05 (50Mic)
Total Thickness(mm) 0.07 (70Mic)0.075 (75Mic)0.08(80Mic)0.09 (90Mic)0.12 (120Mic)
180º Peeling Strength 12N/25MM
Holding Power24Hrs
Initail Tack(Steel Ball)13#
Service Temperature-10ºC ~ +120ºC
Applying Temperature0ºC ~ +40ºC

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